Vision Technologies Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.

Vision Technologies Corporation, also known as Vision, is a sports ball factory located in the city of Sialkot in northeast Pakistan.
The Sialkot district in Pakistan is the principal global source of hand stitched sports balls, with around 40,000 people involved in the sports ball industry and supplying over 70% of the world’s global demand.

Sport ball manufactures has been criticized for low pay, poor working conditions and illegal employment of children who are forced into work because adult wages are often too low to support a family.
Fairtrade has an important role in combating child labor by tackling the root of its cause; poverty and lack of income due to adults not receiving a fair wage. The Fairtrade Sports Ball Standards include criteria that companies must meet concerning working conditions, wages and non-discrimination.

Vision Technologies Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.

Technology Drive, 14-km, Pasrur Road


Vision Technologies Corporation

Vision has been Fairtrade certified since 2002. Fairtrade certification means that on top of stable prices, the company is paid a Fairtrade Premium – additional funds to invest in social or economic development projects. The use of this Fairtrade Premium money is decided upon democratically by the workers and stitchers themselves according to their needs.

Projects carried out with Fairtrade Premium money include:

  • Water Purification – Workers, stitchers, their families and the entire community have access to clean, filtered drinking water through a Fairtrade premium project. A water treatment plant has been installed that is the sole source of clean drinking water within a 20 kilometer radius.
  • Free Pick & Drop – Workers and stitchers are provided free pick up and drop off services to and from work, giving them safe transportation and saving them time and money.
  • Basic Health Insurance – Through Fairtrade premium money the joint body has hired doctors and acquired medical supplies for regular check-ups, as well as emergency medical treatment for workers.
  • A not for profit convenience store for the local community where the workers and their families can buy basic goods at reasonable prices.