Kopepi Ketiara Cooperative (KOPEPI)

Kopepi Ketiara Cooperative (KOPEPI) is a women-led cooperative located at Takengon, next to Gayo Mountain in Sumatra, Indonesia. The cooperative was established in 2009 by the initiative of 39 coffee farmers, but has quickly grown to almost 2,000 members, most of them women. All the members are small scale coffee farmers from different villages in the region and most rely on coffee production to earn their living.

Kopepi Ketiara Cooperative (KOPEPI)

Jl. Raya Umang Kampung Umang No.76
Takengon Aceh Tengah


Kopepi Ketiara Cooperative (KOPEPI)

Ketiara became Fairtrade certified in 2012 and now sells more than half its members’ coffee on Fairtrade terms.
The cooperative choose to pay a cash sum to their farmers from the Fairtrade Premium. As well as boosting members’ income, the cooperative also implements projects:

Quality and productivity:
With the premiums generated from their Fairtrade sales, the cooperative has invested in new processing plants and a coffee roaster to aid in quality evaluation.

Part of the income generated from the Fairtrade sales has been invested in diversifying the production by planting avocado trees on steep slopes, which helps prevent landslides and provides an additional source of income. Additionally, part of the money earned through the Fairtrade Premium has been used in environmental training and waste management projects.

The cooperative invested in education, choosing to focus on transportation to school and school supplies.