Gold Coast Fruits

Founded in 2005, Gold Coast Fruits Limited (GCF) is a Ghanaian 500 hectare pineapple plantation based in Adeiso, Ghana.

Gold Coast Fruits


Gold Coast Fruits

Gold Coast Fruits has been Fairtrade certified since 2008 and produces Fairtrade pineapple mainly for export to Europe.

On top of the fixed Fairtrade minimum price, the company also receives an additional Fairtrade Premium to invest in business or community projects of the community’s choice.

Gold Coast Fruits has been able to introduce a range of improvements in their working practices such as protective equipment including boots and long sleeve gloves for the workers, toilet facilities for workers in the field, and health and safety warning and information signs. The company also offers training sessions on collective bargaining, which help build the negotiating skills of union representatives.

Fairtrade Premium projects include:

  • Financial support for school fees and uniforms for the employees' children.
  • Training courses for the employees including sewing courses, computer and driving lessons.
  • Financial assistance for the employees to help them offset medical expenses.
  • Micro- credit loans.