Fair Farming Foundation-Ramnagar

Fair Farming Foundation-Ramnagar (FFF Ramnagar) is a Fairtrade certified rice cooperative established in 2012 in India. The cooperative is located in northern India, in the so-called Foothills of the Himalayas, and brings together smallholder farmers from 38 villages in the regions of Betalghat, Kotabag, Patkot and Dhela.

Fair Farming Foundation-Ramnagar

45, Km Stone, GT Road, Kamaspur Dist.

Fair Farming Foundation-Ramnagar (FFF Ramnagar)

Many farmers in these regions have a very low or none educational level, and rice farmers often receive only a very low share of the revenues that the global rice trade generates. The Fair Farming Foundation Ramnagar was formed with the aim of enabling farmers to achieve a better deal for them and their families.

Because it guarantees them a Minimum Price, Fairtrade is helping rice growers to have more financial security - making them less vulnerable to poverty. Additional income earned through the Fairtrade Premium is often used to support better farming practices to improve crops and soil. It enables farmers to invest in strengthening their businesses, improving their local communities and to plan for the future.

The Premium money generated from the Fairtrade sales are used to finance investments in the infrastructure of the cooperative or in general projects in the individual villages. Some of the investments include training and capacity building of farmer representatives and farmers, purchase of a new tractor and further agricultural equipment that farmers member of the cooperative can easily borrow at a service center.
A share of the Fairtrade Premium funds have also been invested in a computer learning center and two sewing centers.