Cooperativa dos Agropecuaristas Solidarios de Itapolis, known as COAGROSOL, is a cooperative of small-scale farmers located in the municipality of Itápolis, about 350 km north of São Paulo in Brazil. Coagrosol has been Fairtrade certified since 2002 and was one of the first Fairtrade certified cooperatives in Brazil.


Av. São Paulo, nº 169, Distrito Industrial III



The cooperative was founded in 2000, when several orange producers from the region around the capital Sao Paulo in southern Brazil decided to join forces to form the co-operative Coagrosol with the objective of getting more independence from the market that is dominated by the big industrial corporations.

By being part of the Fairtrade system, producers are empowered to improve their social, environmental and economic sustainability. On top of the agreed Fairtrade price, the members of Coagrosol receive an additional amount of money called the Fairtrade Premium. Use of the Premium is democratically decided upon by members of the cooperative and is often invested in development, infrastructure and education projects.

The cooperative actively promotes sustainable agriculture and provides technical support to their member farmers to help them switch to organic farming.

Productivity and quality
The farmers member of Coagrosol receive training on production, harvesting and environmental standards. The cooperative also offers legal advice and support to its members in the sales process.

In the area of education, the cooperative provides educational, nutritional and environmental impact trainings to their members. Part of the Premium money has also been invested in computer courses for farmers’ children and literacy courses for adults.

Family, Farming and Fairtrade from Fairtrade International on Vimeo.